We passionately believe in the importance of mental health and wellbeing at work, and beyond


Minds That Work is about promoting positive mental health and wellbeing at work in the UK, Australia and beyond!

Established in 2017, Victoria and Emma want to be part of the body of people who contribute to improving an individual’s wellbeing within the life they lead and that of the workplace. With poor mental health continuing to grow at pace, both individuals and workplaces are recognising the value of mental health awareness training, mindfulness, wellness coaching and counselling psychotherapy to keep people well at work.

We hope that one day, the mental health agenda will be so ingrained in our way of life that it will become more and more commonplace and that individuals and workplaces across the globe will reassess and reform their business cultures to tackle the stigma, misunderstanding and discrimination around mental ill health.

Minds That Work is about bringing communities at work together whether a community of leaders, managers or employees to support each other, increase mental health awareness and equip individuals, teams and organisations with emotionally intelligent resilience tools and strategies to keep well at work.




Having been a CEO for a mental health charity and a team leader at a financial consultancy in the City of London for a total of 11 years I can personally vouch for the benefits regular mindfulness, psychotherapy and understanding mental health and wellbeing brought to my daily working life. Being at “the top” doesn’t have to be a stressful place. Improved emotional regulation and the inclusion of wellbeing tools into your life can reduce feelings of being overwhelmed in pressurised environments.

Currently based in Kingston-upon-Thames and the London area, my previous posts include Chief Executive of Wellness With A Goal, a Surrey mental health & wellbeing charity and Head of Department at Evercore Partners Europe in the City of London.  I trained in psychotherapy in 2015 at Regent’s University and have had various volunteer roles in this field. As an experienced manager and leader in both corporate and third sector settings, I understand the various environments and challenges employees at all levels face. I have extensive experience working with charities, local government and businesses alike specialising in stress management and general wellbeing.

My Workplace Mindfulness Training is from The Mindfulness Exchange (TME), a spinoff from the Oxford University’s, Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC). TME are pioneers in scientifically based mindfulness tailored for the workplace. I have also trained with Shamash Alidina in mindfulness for stress.

I am an accredited and approved instructor for the i-act programmes and a Mental Health First Aid instructor. I am also a Wellness Coach using mindfulness techniques and a member of the Association for Coaching.


I’m on a mission to get workplaces talking about mental health, and other challenging topics and promote a wellbeing and recovery outlook through engaging learning. I equip managers and their teams with tools so that we can perform, not ‘in spite of’, but ‘because of’ our challenges and build resilience and thrive in an ever-changing world.

Now based in Sydney, I am a qualified Mental Health First Aid Instructor (Australia and England), I am also licenced to deliver the workplace specific i-act international program for Managing and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing. A Learning and Development professional with 25 years of experience delivering training in a range of diverse business settings (including stations, call centres, depot, head office, porta-cabins!), I understand there is no ‘one size fits all’ and customise training accordingly using the latest evidence-based and evidence-informed research.

With experience as a trustee of a mental health charity in the UK and supporting a family member with mental health issues, and as a member of several NHS working groups around suicide prevention and post-vention, I ensure practical tools and real-life experiences are at the heart of my delivery.


Welcome Jessica as our Bullyology specialist!  Jessica has worked across the UK and Australia in multiple industries including public and private sectors. She is known for her work delivering an improved workplace culture winning multiple industry awards. ​Delivering motivational workshops with passion and commitment to engage internal staff and external clients on ‘unspeakable’ topics.  Her passion lays with delivering social inclusion programs to promote equality, psychological safety and trust within the workplace.

As the founder of Bullyology, Jessica is known globally as ‘The Bullyologist’. Bullyology is a professional anti-bullying methodology derived from personal experiences and meticulous research, dedicated to breaking the silence on bullying while striving to promote healthy workplace relationships.

Originally from Wales, Jessica moved to Australia in 2013 and now calls Sydney home. With regular features at conferences and events across the world, Jessica loves to travel and visit new places sharing her message with organisations in every country she visits. Jessica has a wide range of specialties Including learning & development, consulting, coaching, facilitation, keynote speaker, e-learning, a podcast hostand is the author of The Bullyologist: Breaking the Silence on Bullying.


The decision to start counselling is an important one and requires your commitment and consistency. Our first session is a time to ask any questions and an opportunity to talk openly about what brings you to therapy. It is also an opportunity to see if working with me will be helpful and how we can work together.

If you choose to work with me, our weekly sessions will be held in a safe and confidential place. The Caring Conditions means you will be empathetically heard and understood, and I will support you in gaining new perspectives, greater insight, and self-awareness. You will then have a greater understanding of the way you connect in relationships.

At your pace, and by trusting the process, we can explore any unresolved conflicts or previous traumas and their consequences. I encourage the genuine expression and validation of painful feelings which you might have unsuccessfully been trying to solve, ignore or avoid through destructive behaviours for some time. Together we can create a space for growth, assisting you to make new and positive nourishing choices and giving you back greater control of daily life.

As an integrative psychotherapist and relationship well‑being coach, I draw on several different therapeutic approaches, finding the best combination which works for you.

In addition to my private practice based in the UK, I have previously volunteered for the Addiction Support and Care Agency (ASCA) Counselling Service, Kingston, for those suffering from alcoholism, substance misuse, and behavioural addictions, and people who are caring for, or coming to terms with, somebody else’s drug or alcohol abuse. I have also worked with people attending Catalyst Drug & Alcohol Services.

I have previously worked as a 1-2-1 wellness coach at a Elmbridge mental health charity, Wellness with a Goal (WWAG), which bases its services on six pillars of well‑being: people, movement, mindfulness, giving, learning, and flow.

I am a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Practitioners (FDAP). I adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework and the FDAP Code of Practice.


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